Building a connected world where INDIVIDUALS and ORGANIZATIONS Come together to GROOM PROFESSIONAL talent!

Colaraz is a global Talent Development and Optimization platform and exchange network which connects students, professionals, universities, and companies to provide them a comprehensive solutions set for recruitment, development, and engagement.

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Colaraz Benefits

  • Tell Your Story

    Communicate your skills, experience, and accomplishments to an exclusive group of employers.

  • Job Opportunities

    Access jobs and internships at some of the best workplaces countrywide.

  • Seek Mentors

    Connect with professionals in your area of interest to acquire guidance and professional contacts.

  • Access Alumni

    Form relationships with alumni and benefit from access to career opportunities through out your career journey.

  • Receive Scholarships

    Access thousands of Need and Merit based scholarships established by alumni and companies.

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  • Student Placement Platform

    A connected gateway provided for commencing an association of alumni groups with the contemporary university students and the staff and industry linkages.

  • Integrated Alumni Program

    A cohesive platform-supported alumni program to help current students connect and network with past alumni and decision makers.

  • Seek Mentors

    Connect with professionals in your area of interest to acquire guidance and professional contacts.

  • Student Advisory and Guidance

    Bringing an optimum way to keep former graduates connected to the institution and current students for their potential powerful connections, recommendations and generous endowments.

  • Brand Boosting

    Providing opportunity to the industries to join and engage with emerging young talent from respective fields.

  • Building a Professional Network

    Providing a way to shape up the curriculum which will be based on alumni feedback, companies and market demand.

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  • Access to Trained Professionals

    Providing access to choose professionals and streamline hiring process by attaining relevant education, skills and experience.

  • Resource Management

    Brining digital HR and recruitment management on a single hub of networked professionals and young talent, ready to be expended by high performing organizations and businesses.

  • Talent Hunt and Recruitment Management

    Streamlining the process of acquiring next-gen skills and on-board flexible. Productivity enhancement and tracking on a one-step platform.

  • Guidance and Trainings

    Establishing an intellectual culture that enables access to high performing individuals, teams and mentor-mentee networks.

  • Building Employees Social Engagement

    Individuals can interact with team members and relevant companies from the ecosystem; startups, SMEs, innovative businesses and corporate organizations.


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