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…for students, universities and employers, to create global opportunity and build the next generation of professionals.

What is Colaraz

Colaraz is a global Talent Development and Optimization platform and exchange network which connects students, professionals, universities, and companies to provide them a comprehensive solution set for recruitment, development, and engagement.

What is Colaraz


  • Tell Your Story
  • Job Opportunities
  • Seek Mentors
  • Access Alumni
  • Receive Scholarships


  • Placement Platform
  • Seek Mentors & Networking
  • Brand Boosting
  • Integrated Alumni Program
  • Student Advisory and Guidance


  • Access to Trained Professionals
  • Talent Hunt and Recruitment
  • Employees Social Engagement
  • Resource Management
  • Guidance & Trainings

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Building an effective social network to bring scholarships and employment opportunities from professionals and organizations.

Our manifesto is to connect talent to the companies, organizations and individual maestros.

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