7 Effective Guidelines to Never Lose Your Job

    • Make sure to share your achievements with your manager so that he/she may know what challenges you have faced and what difficulties you have conquered. It is not considered arrogance. In fact, it is a great way to save your job by sharing your accomplishments with your manager.


    • Management usually gets rid of employees who demonstrate rebelliousness, negativity, defiance, or noncooperation. Positivity, friendliness, cooperation, and helpfulness are all such attitudes that would make your job safer.


    • Contribution in multiple areas at workplace may increase the chances of being retained. Therefore, it is required of you to attain knowledge and develop skills that stress your importance in several positions. One’s usefulness lessens when one possesses a limited set of skills or knowledge.


    • You must make efforts to link yourself with sophisticated, urgent, and high-profile projects. It is important to give attention to the tasks that are considered significant by the management.


    • Outdated knowledge increases your vulnerability during layoff phase. Updating yourself with contemporary knowledge concerning your field will be helpful to retain your position.


    • Getting out of one’s cubicle is extremely necessary to make interaction with people. If you want to enhance your job security, it is necessary to expand your network, share information, converse intelligently so that the management may not forget you. Make good connections with Human Resources Management as the related people have a great influence over decisions of management concerning the workforce.


  • Develop communication skills that make you a favorite colleague and employee. People must view you as an individual they like and enjoy to work with. Offensiveness and bigheadedness at work may increase your chances to lose your job sooner or later.

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