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Actual Things You Need to Motivate Your Employees

By Arman Anwar , May 8th, 2018

Forget Money!!!
Although you may have plenty of money, there are better things you may utilize for boosting your workforce morale…

There is no doubt that the capability of motivating staff is one of the finest skills a ‘person in charge’ can have. However, most of such ‘persons’ think that money is the ultimate key to keep employees inspired and motivated.

They are indeed, WRONG!!!

This is because there are other useful and worthwhile things that are more meaningful to employees than pay increments and bonuses…

  • Praise: It is one of the simplest and easiest form of motivational boos you can offer to your employees as everyone needs it. Therefore, it is a great thing to be generous with your kind and valuable words.


  • Never discourage or pass judgments: There is not a single person on the face of this planet who wants to hear others say that he/she is mistaken. Same applies to your employees. In fact, criticizing employees’ work (especially in front of other personnel) is an instantaneous de-motivator. The best thing is to adopt a not-so-direct approach to let people realize their erroneous behavior or invalid task fulfillment. This is how they will learn, improve, and fix themselves. Never ever pinpoint the mistakes directly or be ready to lose them.


  • Appreciate them through recognition and little treats: Appreciation and rewards are of many types. You may say a simple ‘thank you’ to your top performers in a meeting for his/her accomplishments. You may also organize competitions and games and display results openly on a board so that everybody may notice the best participants. Similarly, rewards other than bonuses and cash may also motivate employees tremendously. These may include lunch/dinners, vacations, awards/certificates, and whatever you think would not break your bank accounts.

Remember that money helps to attract and retain human resources but does not have any influence on their overall attitude. Rewarding them ‘emotionally’ by making use of the listed methods would stimulate work behavior in your employees. They would feel responsibly about their performance when provided with honest remarks and gratitude from your side. Surely, they would do better without the involvement of MONEY!!!



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