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Affordable Talent Management Solutions for Smaller Companies

By Bill W. , March 14th, 2018

Are you an HR professional trying to fill your company’s recruitment and talent management solutions by using outdated internal talent development models? Are you stuck with long-range planning models from the 1980’s, when today’s markets are changing almost overnight? If you find yourself wishing for Madame Ruth’s crystal ball to predict your recruiting needs, there’s a better way: Integrated Talent Management Solutions Software.

Peter Capelli, management professor at Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania), believes that the same principles of supply-chain management can also be applied to managing a company’s talent. You wouldn’t keep an overload of inventory in stock ‘just in case’ – why do the same with your talent? The past decade has seen companies and their recruiting and retention become leaner and more flexible, even as they are challenged to connect as quickly as possible with top talent. The challenge remains: how to predict, track and evaluate which employees or contractors to choose for which projects? Here’s what’s changed:

Game Changers

  • The Need for Speed – As you probably know, most companies no longer have the luxury of spending weeks or months recruiting. Thanks to Talent Management Software, employees or contractors can now be hired from project to project as your needs and market demands change.
  • Reaching the Global Market – Most companies can no longer afford the time and expense of developing talent internally. Talent Management Software and other applications make it easier for smaller companies to find the right matches, including 1099 contractors around the world, for your project within your budget.
  • Getting Connected – The latest upgrades and improvements in Talent Management Solutions Software can put you in touch with customers, suppliers, potential contractors and other resources in minutes instead of hours or days.
  • Social Media – This is a must-have for any company wanting to attract top talent. Job sharing with others in social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn helps talented candidates find you, and lets you zero in on target employees, suppliers or contractors at the click of a mouse.
  • Analytics – The application of more sophisticated algorithms, intuitive tools and other processes can quickly help you track and evaluate what’s working and what isn’t, as well as tell you how and where to improve your company’s hiring and performance activities.

Tying it All Together
If you’re reading this, chances are your company has already taken steps to become leaner and more competitive. With Integrated Talent Management Systems, you can take it further and adjust your workforce and technological needs to those of your markets in real time – no crystal ball required.


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