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How to Work Effectively in a Virtual Team?

By Staff Editor , November 23rd, 2020

What is a Virtual Team? A virtual team often regarded as, remote team, geographically dispersed team, teleworking teams, or distributed teams. In short, a team that includes members that are working from different geographical locations and are connected virtually through

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Employee Training Guide for Talent Management

By Arman Anwar , May 26th, 2018

Organizations all over the world design employee training programs to facilitate employees in modifying their behaviors and performance in both their personal and professional lives. Therefore, it significance of employee training cannot be overstated for the fresh and veteran personnel

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Study Finds Human Capital and Innovation as Top Senior Executive Challenges

By Elizabeth Magill , April 11th, 2018

For more than twelve years, The Conference Board has conducted an annual survey of CEOs, chairman, and presidents from the globe’s leading organizations across the world in a quest to discover the most crucial challenges they expect to face in