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Channelizing Talent Rightly – The Next BIG thing!

By Arman Anwar , April 28th, 2018

Workforce of an organization is undoubtedly its most important asset. Without human resources, it is not possible for an organization to achieve its milestones. Dependence on technology does not make an organization successful unless it utilizes the workforce efficiently. The contemporary era requires organizations to meet the everyday corporate challenges effectively through a smart, prepared workforce. As the clientele is becoming progressively demanding with the passage of time, companies are currently recruiting fresh college graduates as a preference. This is because young talent understands the technological changes and has more knowledge of technological tasks.

Every year, thousands of hopeful graduates take the leap from universities to join the professional workforce. However, most of them find it difficult to get jobs in the market due to the lack of employable skills. One of the major solutions to tackle this problem is to strengthen academia-industry liaison so that the gap between demanded and supplied skills could be bridged. Industrial Revolution in the West and the most recent rise of emerging economies has proven the economic benefits of such collaboration. Pakistan, with its enormous and talented human capital, can achieve the same economic progress if it develops similar academia-industry linkages.

In order to meet this hour’s need, Colaraz has embarked on the talent network initiative by introducing Colaraz Network. This initiative ensures a focused involvement of both institutions and industry that work together to create an ecosystem. In this way, we provide a platform for the development of young talent who will then be exposed to maximum opportunities in the real job space.

This ecosystem will facilitate timely collaboration between students, institutions, and companies allowing them to meet mutual goals of economic growth, talent progression, and sustainability. Colaraz Network is built on the belief that individual excellence helps communities to grow strongly through collaborative processes. Eventually, this two-way cooperation results in national advancement.

Various tools of Colaraz Network will help students strengthen themselves to enter the present-day competitive job market. Colaraz aims to strengthen the talent ecosystem with more than a million students, 400 institutions, and 1000 companies by the end of 2015. Colaraz has already gained popularity among few of the top-notch universities and companies and is ready to roll itself as the fastest growing talent network in Pakistan.


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