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Employee Engagement

Five Tips to Maintain Employee Motivation in a Virtual Team Setup

By Staff Editor , December 28th, 2021

Due to the COVID–19 pandemic, employee motivation has become a topic of discussion among the supervisors and managers across the globe who are leading their teams virtually.

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Employee Motivation During COVID-19 

The saying ‘The more things change, the more they remain the same has been proven true during the current COVID–19 pandemic.

COVID–19 has altered the workplace entirely. However, the things which kept the employees motivated and what leaders and employers did before the COVID pandemic to keep themselves and their employees motivated are still the same.

Due to the pandemic, the employees are now getting comfortable and adjusting with how, when and from where they work, giving the employers and leaders an excellent opportunity to do their important tasks that they weren’t getting the time or motivation to do in the pre COVID–19.

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How to Maintain Employee Motivation in an Online Setup?

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Here are the 5 tips on how you can maintain employee motivation during the COVID–19 times.

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Make Use of Communication Tools 

Before the pandemic, employees used to meet each other at the workplace physically and got to spend time together having conversations at the coffee machine table or in the corridor. They used to have conversations other than work and shared their experiences with each other which in result maintained employee motivation.

However, the novel Coronavirus has totally altered the workplace. In remote working, the employees are either confined to a corner of their homes listening to and seeing the same family members regularly or to a small workstation of theirs spending their time working alone due to which they can easily feel stress, anxiety and demotivation.

Hence, to manage your remote team make use of online communication and collaboration tools such as Zoom, Slack, WhatsApp, etc. to ensure that your employees are able to communicate with each other easily as communication and interaction with each other amongst the employees increases their productivity while keeping them motivated.

Career Development and Advancement Suggestions 

Provide guidance to your employees. Design online mentorship programs and tutorials regarding topics such as time management and online conferencing and collaboration tools. Provide them with some alternative on how to cope with the isolation during lockdowns and quarantine. Share success stories with your employees so that the employees would know that their work is meaningful and shared as a great outcome.

Offer them career development and advancement suggestions and help your employees by enhancing their skills by offering them online workshops and training so that they are able to develop new skills. In the long term, your organization would be gaining assets in the form of those experienced employees.

Give Challenging Tasks and Assignments 

To ensure employee motivation and the creative juices flowing, assign them complex and challenging assignments and tasks so that their logical reasoning and critical thinking is elevated. This will make the employees feel fresh as this would be something entirely different from their day to day menial task. Therefore, they will feel motivated instead of getting burned out and stressed.

Prioritize the Safety of Employees 

As the offices reopen again after the lockdown, the employer’s utmost priority is ensuring and prioritizing the safety of their employees. 

Organizations need to check all the specific precautionary measures are in place such as the desks are spaced out, the workplace is thoroughly sanitized and the employees are to wear the masks while being at the workplace.

When a safe working environment is provided to the employees who have returned back to the office, the employees would be less stressed and worried about contacting the virus. They would focus more on the work and will be more motivated.

Employee Motivation and Engagement

Currently, the whole world is in flux. Therefore, give your employees the freedom and authority to make the decisions on their own. In remote working, it would be impossible for you or the employer to watch and control every single move the employee makes.

Offer your employees’ guidance and directions from time and time again, encourage them to ask questions and then trust your employees to do their best at their jobs. This way you’ll also be able to foster a healthy and reliable relationship with your employees.

Recognize the good work and deeds done by your employees. Encourage your employees to acknowledge each other’s work and efforts in every possible way. Also as an employer, you can reward your employees for their performance and good work. It would be highly motivating them in these tough times amidst a global crisis.


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