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Five Ways to Recruit Passive Candidates

By Bill W. , March 22nd, 2018

It’s a strange irony of current times that, even while overall unemployment is quite high, many positions remain difficult to fill. This is especially true regarding openings that require technical or other specialized skills, such as database administrators, actuaries, and construction managers. The longer such opportunities stay open, the more damage is done to an enterprise’s ability to meet its contractual obligations or expand its client base.

This problem is aggravated by the fact that the best talent is often the least likely to be actively seeking a new position, according to studies conducted by a number of sourcing experts. Yet this gray cloud contains a silver lining. The same research shows that nearly 3 out of 4 professionals are willing to consider a switch to a new company.

The problem is one of visibility. These persons aren’t engaging in the usual proactive steps taken by most job seekers. They’re not sending out resumes, checking classified ads, or networking with others in their talent community. To use a term from the sourcing industry, they’re passive candidates.

To find these persons, it’s vital to go beyond the usual “post a notice on and wait for the phone calls” approach. Some of the techniques that have proven effective include the following:

1. Using specialized software that scours social media sites, lists of conference attendees, etc., to locate qualified candidates. Such tools are part of the services that Colaraz provides to its clients.

2. Get your existing employees into the act, by encouraging them to refer persons who they think would make excellent additions to your team.

3. Find out what top people are looking for that they’re not getting in their current situation. Hint: don’t assume that more money is the answer. In many cases, passive candidates may want more flex time, the ability to work from home, or other perks that their existing managers are reluctant to provide.

4. Start a blog that will draw the attention of the types of people you’re interested in hiring. Professionals love to engage with content they find interesting. By drawing them into an online conversation, you can lead them into discussing their career plans.

5. Include recruiting messages in your marketing and sales efforts. This can be as simple as having a link on your site that says, “want to work for us?” and leads to a listing of current openings. The key is to weave the employment pitch into the overall content. It should catch the eyes of potential applicants without detracting from the message to new clients or customers.

Finding passive candidates may be challenging, but the rewards to your organization can be great. And, while you’re evaluating your sourcing options, keep Colaraz in mind. We can equip you with cutting-edge tools that will allow you to find and make contact with the best talent in your industry. Review our site, then get in touch with us today to arrange an appointment.


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