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What is the Future of HR Technology?

By Staff Editor , January 28th, 2021


Amid the crisis that we are in, we have changed a lot and not just how we live but how we perceive things and how we work. We have recently seen really hard times. The pandemic is hitting all of us differently yet the same. World economies are suffering, businesses around the world have a major impact on their revenue, and jobs are lost globally.

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Many organizations are undergoing downsizing to cope up with the current challenges of the epidemic and meet the standards of the future of HR technology. It is getting difficult for every firm to increase their sales and decrease expenditures. This, however, could not be prevailed for too long.

COVID-19 is now and might stick with us in the future but we couldn’t let this collapse our economies. Humans are intelligent and always come up with brilliant solutions to cope up with the global crisis.

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COVID-19 and Online Work Trends

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Technology has bettered every other means of survival in the world. This might be a debatable statement to make but it will not be wrong, considering our current situation and how technology has helped us escape the dungeon of COVID-19.

Recently, we have noticed major innovation in how work should be done to secure the safety of everyone. We are now more precautious towards our standards of work. We have established SOPs to outcast the virus from its source. Even with all these measures, it could take a while before things get back to normal. Therefore, we started going digital.

Everyone now is busy occupying and maintaining their digital existence so they can streamline their business procedures online. The most recent online work trends have preoccupied everyone with the new digital era and with setting its new course.

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Future of HR Technology

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HR departments in the current time have seen some major innovations. Roles of HR are now more dynamic and need them on their toes to cope up with the new HR technology. The HR tech is directed towards employee’s needs and work routines. It allows businesses to store their data, analyze it, and provide an enhanced employee experience as per the new needs. This also helps in better decision-making and onboarding of new workers.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in HR 

Artificial Intelligence is giving Human Resources a new meaning. Penetration of AI in HR can help organizations highly with the hiring process. As much there is to AI, its integration in businesses is still declined by many but the majority is undertaking this tech to enhance onboarding, training, and employee engagement.

AI can help optimize resumes and that too with many conveniences. Instead of repetitively asking candidates to fill out forms, their data can be stored on smart digital forms to be auto-filled in the future. Moreover, AI can also help in proceeding with the referrals employees provide. Each referral can be evaluated based on the success it brings to the company and the grounds can be utilized in evaluating other referrals.

Employee’s needs can be better understood with AI tech. According to experts, AI can collect valuable insights from employees, which can be used to provide a work environment that suits them the best.  

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in HR 

The incorporation of VR/AR has affected HR in a much positive way. Before this technology, HR professionals were bound to train employees with a limited scope. There were not enough assets to train them for different work scenarios. With AR/VR tech in hand, employees are getting pumped up to deal with different work crises. The time has gone where this tech was used only for gaming and fun. The projection of this technology has given way to HR professionals to provide an enhanced work environment.

Among many others, here are a few innovations that organizations are incorporating in their workplaces to get the most out of employees:

1- Talent Analytics 

HR professionals are getting their hands on the future of HR technology to assess each employee’s work progress. The technology enables them to evaluate talents and work skills and makes it easier for everyone to decide on a candidate.

2- Gamified Learning

Gamified learning is most trending in education but work organizations have adopted this approach to training their employees, as learning through games never goes out of fashion. Also, even work professionals are fond of gaming irrespective of the age group they belong to. Gamified learning also enables them to prepare for scenarios that are hard to replicate in the real world.

3- Remote Work Tools 

Remote work tools have made life much easier. With so much going on around the world, where no one wants human interaction involved in working, these tools have offered everyone the convenience of working from home. Apps like slack, zoom, dropbox, google drive, and others are great assets to every firm. There is no better time than now to leverage these tools against your business.

4- Employee Wellness Tools 

Organizations today are investing in tools that are directed towards the wellness of their team. It is better to use these tools and monitor employee’s health than expending thousands later in health care. Tools like Culinary Health Solutions can be utilized to provide employees with better diet plans and to track their results.

5- Microchipping 

This might come off a little unorthodox, as microchipping was a term related to pets and animals only. As weird as it may sound, we are now microchipping humans to track their health at workplaces. It is now more crucial to track and record employee’s health performance as we are now more concerned with safety. Those organizations that are not undertaking the work from home model, they can best utilize this technology to maintain a healthier work environment and to ensure everyone’s safety.      

This module of the future of hr technology is still a debatable topic among scientists and technologists as to whether or not this technology should be used as it can be hazardous for many. Moreover, some believe that inserting chips in humans can lead to suspicious activities that can disrupt the safety of everyone. Regardless, this technology is still getting a hit because of its plus points.