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How to Apply for a Scholarship While Studying in University?

By Sidra Wasim , April 27th, 2020

Tips to Apply for a Scholarship While Studying in University

Acquiring a higher education degree from a university would demand you to pay over the odds. Students have to scrape together money not only for paying their tuition fees, but also to pay for accommodation, traveling and other living expenses. In such a case, university expenditures can be very exorbitant and unaffordable. Given the steep charges to cover the university expenditures, students should apply for various scholarships and secure budget assistance. These financial rewards are usually given to high achievers or need-based students.

Understand Various Types of Scholarships

There is a wide range of student grant and scholarship opportunities offered for university students around the world, varying from partial scholarships; which cover a part of university tuition fees, to full tuition waiver scholarships. In addition, many scholarship opportunities are offered to students belonging from less privileged backgrounds or developing countries, so that they excel by providing equal opportunities.

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Here, we will discuss types of scholarships that will allow students to ponder which scholarship grants that are most suitable for them.

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are awarded to students who have exhibited an exceptional record of academic achievement. Academic Scholarships usually have considerable financial disbursements, and confer a certain degree of stature on the beneficiary.

Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are one of the most competitive scholarships available. Students aiming for such a scholarship have to demonstrate a high level of skill in their sports.

Scholarship Programs for Minorities

These scholarships are usually of general ethnic requirements, by some being available to all minority or less privileged students, whereas others are considered to help a specific ethnic group. Funding for scholarships comes from several sources that include government sector and private corporations as well.

Scholarships for Women

There are similar scholarships particularly designed to assist women in education. As an effort to provide equal opportunities to women as of men, universities offer certain scholarships to promote women education.

Community or Organization Service Scholarships

Students who wish to repay in the form of community development can apply for available community service scholarships. Similarly, different organizations, both public and private, offer scholarships in which they aid in student education and in return the student has to offer his/her services for a bonded time.

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Tips to Apply for a ScholarshipApply for scholarship, scholarships in Pakistan, talent management

Many universities, if not all, have various scholarship programs that students can avail. Students must be aware of all the different available scholarships, their requirements and, most importantly, know how to present yourself in the application. Here are some basic guidelines that must be kept in mind on how to plan your scholarship application.

Explore Various Scholarships Offered by Different Universities

Be proactive to hunt for scholarship programs. Narrow down your university choices and look for degree programs that are most suitable for winning a scholarship. Students should start doing their research timely in order to discover potential scholarships.

Time Management

Be careful of the deadlines and start working on the application as soon as possible in order to avoid putting yourself in a pressure situation. Applications written in a hassle are not proven to be effective.

Be Honest

Be honest in your scholarship applications as scholarships will provide their eligibility requirements so don’t exaggerate your academic grades, skills and qualifications.

Check Eligibility Requirement

Most scholarships will have a certain criterion in terms of academic grades, work experience, publications or any other pre-requisite. Make yourself eligible according to the eligibility criteria before applying to any scholarship program.

Be Prepared and Organized

Prepare for scholarship interviews so you’re more impressive and assertive to win a scholarship. Also, make a tracking list of scholarships you have applied for which will act as a safe zone to meet important deadlines.

Research the Capacity of Financial Aid Scholarships

Find out financial aids that a university offers. The financial aid packages and scholarship opportunities that each university offers will differ based on various factors, including the capacity of the university’s endowment and the total enrollment in an academic term.

Be Clear, Concise and Provide Sufficient Information

In case the students want to apply for a need-based or a financial aid scholarship, demonstrate in an honest, clear and precise manner the desire of financial need enlisting the reasons supported with evidence.

Make Sure Given Details are Correct

It is equally essential that all the information you provide is correct. Verify your personal and contact details. Look out for spelling mistakes. Providing incorrect information will be a low blow for your application.

Do not Limit Your Opportunities

Widen up your options of applying in different universities that offer scholarships instead of limiting yourself to only very few universities.

Writing an Effective Scholarship Applicationscholarship application, scholarships in Pakistan, students in Pakistan

Keeping in mind the competition to avail a scholarship, it is critical to make your application stand out from the wide pool of other scholarship aspirants by representing an actual commitment to progressing yourself as a deserving individual. Making your application more notable, one must make sure to maintain an exceptional high-grade academic excellence as many scholarship programs have a required grade cut-off limit.

Secondly, demonstrate extracurricular activities in your application, as the university representatives are looking for all-rounder students with a dynamic personality. For that purpose, students can take steps to join extracurricular organizations, clubs and try to become excel that would validate your leadership skills.

Furthermore, start creating a personal statement that would be used to apply for universities, and modify to specific scholarships as that are required. The personal statement should introduce you, your personal goals, and the connection with your achievements. In the personal statement highlight the reason you want to apply for a specific degree and why would the university give you a scholarship offer. In another situation to aim for a special case scholarship including minority scholarships, highlight the disadvantages you’ve faced.

Another element that would make your application stand out is a reflecting report on your good academic and personal qualities through your recommendation letter, so it is significant to build good and strong relationships with your academic mentor.

Applying for Colaraz Scholarship Program

Colaraz, a talent management platform, caters the students within its network to apply for its scholarship program. Colaraz expresses to aid students in their educational ambitions by handing out merit-based scholarships. Subsidies to students are provided so external pressure does not overshadow the expansion of talent. Colaraz welcomes students to join the platform and be a part of a professional talent development and optimization network.

Students can visit the following link for further details regarding Colaraz Scholarship Program:


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