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Top 5 Benefits of LMS in Universities

By Staff Editor , June 10th, 2021


The word Learning Management System was always overlooked before the onset of the pandemic affecting the world and affecting all sectors of social life. It was always taken as a supplement to the traditional education system, based on face-to-face interaction and collaborative learning. LMS in universities, considered the backbone of online education, was criticized for creating distance between the learners and the instructors. However, the actual significance has started to become clearer when the global academic system has started to shift towards the online and distance mode of teaching and learning. 

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Benefits of LMS in Universities

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Most of the universities have either made their LMS operational for the faculty and students or in the process of developing one keeping in view the contemporary needs of academia. The console acts as a source of connecting all the students with their instructors from a distance on one hand and gives complete access to multiple resources that are difficult and time-consuming to explore in the traditional pedagogical environment. 

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In this article, we are going to highlight the top LMS benefits and encourage all universities to have their own LMS consoles.

Flexible Environment

The best part of using LMS is its access from your workstation as well as your home. In other words, you have the comfort of managing your classwork based on your own convenience. Imagine your past experience of traveling all the way from home to reach your class well in time. How about turning on the laptop to simply join in a live session with students with just a single click? Well, it is no longer a dream as LMS gives you a chance to manage your schedule, arrange meetings and hold discussion sessions keeping in view the availability and feasible times for the students to take the class.

Immersive and Interactive Virtual Environment

You probably have had the experience of finding backbenchers sleeping at some part of your class being at such a distance that they never bother to pay any heed to what is happening near the podium. It is time to get them all on board. One probable reason for some students not paying attention to a regular class is that learners have their own unique style of perceiving the information. Some are good listeners whereas the others are more interested in engaging with visuals. You will find a few anxious to have some gaming sessions to engage and have fun with other fellows. It is time you start applying some smart pedagogical strategies to engage your students through a webinar, podcasts, microblogs, games and online presentation. The options are limitless. You just have to start some critical thinking to explore the modes you can apply corresponding to the learning outcomes of your subject and you will find learners passing the test with excellent grades.

LMS in Universities Saves Time

The LMS gives you a chance to schedule your pre-recorded lectures so the students can watch weekly lectures similar to their traditional classroom environment. The best part is that you don’t have to plan, prepare and present your lecture point before each class. You already have prepared a package and you just have to run the course systematically so nothing important is missed out. Therefore, LMS gives a chance to make your time count and save it for you to manage your other official tasks. Furthermore, the time that was earlier spent on marking the quiz answers and preparing a detailed list of student’s results and grades can be saved by using the LMS. The options of downloading the award lists and grade reports are easily accessible and can be attained with just one click. Thus, LMS turns out to be a great time savior.

Making it All Student-Centered

The traditional education system is generally managed by a course instructor who stands as the utmost authority to administer a course and teach all its modules among the young learners. The assessments as designed by the instructor stand final and the learners are supposed to qualify all the evaluations to get promoted to the next grades. All this makes it more teacher-centered whereas the goal of teaching a course is to inculcate knowledge among learners so that they may unlock the inner potential. This gap is bridged with the integration of an LMS making the mode of teaching-oriented towards the student. LMS provides all the resources to students making all their lessons and assessments accessible in the form of modules. The learners are able to progress gradually after developing a conceptual understanding of each module. This self-paced learning model is based on the Theory of Mastery Learning that emphasizes mastering the concept before moving ahead to the next chapter. The fundamental idea is to develop a comprehensive understanding of a concept among all learners using all the different modes of teaching so that all the learners are able to fully grasp the idea.


Finally, LMS can save you money as it is a one-time investment where you prepare a catalog of different courses and augment all the relevant resources to cater to the needs and expectations of young learners. Once the courses go online, the learners would be anxious to get enrolled in the course of their interest. The asynchronous courses would be managed by the LMS itself providing feedback of all the graded assessments to students. Whereas the synchronous courses would be highly interactive based on the different activities carried out to engage students!


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