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Top 7 Tips for Successful LMS Launch Activities

By Staff Editor , February 26th, 2021

Designing a learning management system (LMS) is one task and implementing requires an effort of another level. Investing in student’s educational resources or employee training increases productivity and retention rates further. As per research, 94% of the subjected employees were interested in staying in a company that invests in their career development. adult sex toys
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Launching an LMS is indeed a rewarding task that can only be achieved through the interest and effective engagement of the users. In order to ensure so, the focus should also be placed on the fact that the launching event should be spiced up. This way, people’s interest and attention can be gained, which can, later on, be transferred into long-term engagement. Let’s discover effective methods and activities to ensure the successful pre-launch and launch of an LMS.

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LMS Pre-launch Activities 


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Pre-launch activities are one of the effective marketing tactics to retain the existing customer base as well as attract newer ones. They help put the efforts into the right place through proper planning and organized campaigns. Though every LMS pre-launch campaign differs from another one, there are basic common activities that need to be deployed for a successful outcome.

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Let’s discover some of the essential LMS pre-launch activities:

Run a Teaser Campaign

One of the indicators of a successful marketing campaign for the pre-launch of an LMS involves the notion of no artificial efforts to accomplish so. In order to engage the prospective users effectively, the teaser information about the LMS should be shared from time to time. Furthermore, a teaser campaign can be achieved through social media accounts via guess queries, an invitation to photograph with props, by handing over goodies or mugs via a small setup at large corporate events or by simply winning an online/offline competition. Through these small events, a company can effectively communicate and evoke the interest of users.  

Focus on Product Branding 

Product branding is one of the essential aspects that need to be maintained and delivered coherently throughout the pre-launch activities. Through a proper branding proposition, the value and message delivered to the users must involve an element of the usefulness of that particular LMS. A number of mediums can be used by the LMS owner to convey a brand message, be it physical activity or a social media one.

The focus is to convey the ideology as to how this particular LMS will help the users in overcoming their shortfalls.

Get the Learners Engaged 

Getting the learners and trainees engaged even before the launch of LMS ensures further harmony and coordination between business and them. To ensure user engagement, a poll can be created on social media channels for suggestions regarding the theme as well as features they are expecting in the LMS. Ask them how the LMS should be designed as per their convenience as well as how the content should be and delivered. This will provide them with an opportunity to feel a sense of ownership when it has been launched. Moreover, they will feel the urge to invest time and pay even for subscription, if applicable, so as to keep themselves engaged in fruitful activities. 

Run a Pilot Program 

No matter how meticulously the LMS is planned and designed, there must always be an issue or technical error waiting to be resolved and sorted out. In order to avoid this, a pilot program should be run during pre-launch activities to find out the technical faults, if any, and resolve them before the big launching event. Running a pilot program allows the business to identify the loopholes through a chance to user-test the products. Hence, running a pilot program allows the businesses to tackle potential problems before it is pointed and criticized by the potential users.

LMS Launching Activities 


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After all the efforts and hustle into organizing, planning as well as implementing the pre-launch events, here comes the big responsibility of launching the LMS for the public. In order to make the launch a successful and memorable event for the masses, a number of activities need to be organized so as to convert the prospective customers into potential longer-term leads.

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Let us discover the activities that must be a part of an LMS launching occurrence:

Hold a LMS Launch Event 

In order to promote the LMS as the biggest happening of the year for the potential customers, all the efforts must be translated into making the launch event a huge success. If viable, the businesses must select and invite celebrities as well as leading names of the industry to the launch event. Also, the media personnel must be asked to join the event and a post-event press release must be shared with them. The more the hype, the greater are the chances to attract a huge customer base.

Transform Early Adopters into Ambassadors 

While attracting and locking on the audience within the initial period of launch, their enthusiasm should be transformed for the benefit of the LMS successful outreach campaign. They should be converted into ambassadors who will find the potential future users for the LMS by navigating their enthusiasm for the LMS & its features all around. However, businesses must ensure to realize and acknowledge their hard work on various public & social platforms.

Setup Email Campaigns 

An email has been still one of the reliable and most convertible online mediums to attract and drive potential leads. Through email campaigns, the users can be kept engaged about all the biggest happenings from the time of pre-launch activities to actual launch events of the LMS. Moreover, email campaigns further allow the users to know about the existing as well as upcoming features of the LMS. 

Run Competitions 

Competitions and gaming features within LMS launch events and post ones have become a popular launch activity & overall, a marketing stunt. People are generally drawn to competitions and giveaway prizes and this can become a highly boosting phenomenon for the during and post-launch happenings of an LMS. Furthermore, by running competitions, users can not only be kept engaged but their retention rate is also increased further. 

Use Social Media Surveys 

Through surveys and feedback forms, the businesses can get to know more about the true concerns and overall interaction of the users with the LMS. These 2-5 minute surveys provide businesses or companies with invaluable quantitative information as to how the LMS and its features can be made more effective and useful for the public in general. 

Provide LMS Launch Videos 

Video content has become one of the top priorities for marketers to drive user engagement and boost conversion rates in general. Through video content, the LMS administration & marketing team can guide the users on how to effectively navigate through the system. Moreover, through videos, the users can be provided with a virtual tour of the all overall LMS UX layout, features as well as benefits.

Provide Free Learning Courses 

In order to attract and engage the users during the launch of LMS and post-activities, one effective method is to provide free access to certain courses for an unlimited period or to a portion of it. Through free learning or training courses, the free subscribers can then be converted into longer-term potential leads through paid subscription services! 


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