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Mentoring & Coaching

How Mentoring and Custom Career Counselling Can Pave Way to Success?

By Staff Editor , April 14th, 2020

Why Mentors Matter & How Custom Career Counselling Can Pave Way to Success?

A mentor is someone (friend, senior, teacher, etc.) who provides guidance and counselling to a less experienced and knowledgeable individual / mentee by means of building trust, being a good listener and demonstrating optimistic and encouraging behavior. Among the qualities of a good mentor’s, significant ones are that he / she understands that their vital role is to engage; be reliable, authentic and adoptive to the needs of the mentee.

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Mentoring is partially – structured supervision and management, where the mentor shares his / her skills, knowledge and experience to assist, support and provide benefit to mentees to develop, grow and advance in their career and in personal lives. One of the aspect of custom career mentoring is that the mentor must to be readily approachable and be willing and equipped to deliver help as the need arises.

Mentoring is lot more than just giving advices or sharing personal experiences. The sole purpose is to teach mentee HOW to think and not WHAT to think. It’s about motivating and empowering other individuals to pinpoint and categorize self-goals and disputes and assisting them in finding methods and techniques to resolve and overcome them, not by doing it for them or expecting that mentees walk exactly in the mentors’ footsteps, but by accepting and regarding the diverse and different conducts of working.

Mentoring is a chain process to pass on the good practices therefore the benefits could be widely spread.

How Mentors Can Boost Your Professional Career?mentoring, mentee, career management

A mentor can be a vibrant key player for one’s thriving career, at any stage. A mentor’s guidance can bring about a boost in one’s professional career.

In the initial stages of career, things can be awe-inspiring and overwhelming. Be it a new job, which is especially not matching to the area of study or a sudden change in the career path, whatever be the case, a mentor can come to the rescue.

At the intermediate stage of career, while the newness and freshness has worn off and everything seems mediocre dull and boring. When the confidence in the skills has been built and climbing up the career ladder is often tiresome and mind numbing, at this stage making it easier to keep going through the career furrow and whole lot of emotions, a mentor can surely be the torchbearer for you.

Lastly, in the end when all the goals and objectives are successfully accomplished / when every goal and objective has been successfully accomplished and things starts to settle down, a mentor can help in transition into the phase, smoothly and efficiently.

Mentor-Mentee Relationship: Some Tips to Reconsider

Mentor-Mentee relationship is a two-way road, which has significant benefits for both sides. A Mentor who’s an expert in the relevant field and generally senior in age, has more experience and can share their lesson learned and wisdom to Mentee, who then can navigate through their career development smoothly. Vice-versa a Mentor has the opportunity to reflect on their careers, expertise and can strengthen their leadership characteristics, while guiding mentee with their valuable advices to maneuver their career path. Mentor-Mentee establishing clear aims and objectives and communicating them effectively, ensures that consequences and outcomes are constructive and fruitful.

A mentor keeps mentees’ best interests, aptitude, capabilities, skills and talent in mind thereby helping mentees to reach their utmost potential. By overseeing and providing information, guidance and inspiration and motivation, mentors tend to play an important role in nurturing and developing careers of young aspiring professionals.

Eleven Long Lasting Impacts a Mentor Can Have on a Student’s Lifetalent management, talent acquisition, careers

Skill Advancement & Development

Having said that mentoring is a two-way road, the partnership ought to flow both ways. Not only the mentee gets to learn, develop and grow from the counsel, advice and guidance provided by the mentor, in return mentor also gets to learn, absorb and acquire various aspects from the mentee’s experiences and further enhance mentorship qualities.

Cultivates Leaders

A fruitful and effective mentorship helps the leaders. Mentees learn and pick different perspectives and then experiment with their own problem-solving methods and techniques, gaining more experience through trial and error. As more experience is gained, mentees’ themselves in turn can return the courtesy and favor by coaching and assisting anyone who looks up to them. This is how individuals become leaders in the making and also this process builds and fosters a healthy, energetic and enthusiastic community where people look out for each other. As for a mentor, he / she gets to contemplate and articulate their individual and personal leadership flair and smartness and best practices making them more considerate, thoughtful and sympathetic and intended and purposeful about their own leadership.

Constructs Satisfaction & Gratification

Mentoring relationship is rewarding in multiple ways. Mentees get the satisfaction by knowing they have a mentor on whom they can rely on for professional growth and development and share their thoughts and problems out loud and get help in solving them smartly and efficiently. As for the mentor, he / she gets the gratification by seeing their mentees’ growth and development being directly impacted, nurtured and influenced by them.

Improves Retention

Best mentors aren’t just cheerleaders but also guides / coaches. A strong mentoring relationship is built when the mentee gets the impression and feels that he / she is heard and understood, constructing a sense of belonging and contentment while seeking guidance and seeing themselves improving, meanwhile the mentor gains improved and enhanced leadership abilities and talents along with impacting the mentee’s career.

Acknowledges Shortcomings

Occasionally, the biggest and prevalent flaws are the ones that aren’t figured out personally. While working towards the goal, it’s imperative to know what exactly is weighing down and making it challenging and problematic to achieve the goal. The probabilities are that many of the shortcomings might come across, assisting to work towards eliminating them. As mentoring is a two-way street, mentor and mentee both play a crucial role at this juncture by giving each other an outside perspective and help pinpointing weaknesses and flaws that they were unaware of.

Provides an Insight

It’s well acknowledged that a mentor has a significant and extensive experience and might have gone through the similar junctures and phases the mentee’s probably going through. Based on this experience, the mentor is able to offer advice and help on how to handle specific circumstances and conditions and how to utilize, focus, center and direct energy in a productive direction and help in acquiring a well improved perspective and outlook on what to and what not to prioritize on the journey towards success.

Provides Professional Guidance

A mentor’s role is important and crucial as the mentor offers professional support and assistance in uplifting and facilitating a mentee’s career. A mentor helps by evolving mentee’s thinking, showing different paths, and offering advices and teaching techniques and practices to handle situations effectively and efficiently.

Develops Strengths

Just as knowing shortcomings, knowing strengths is also imperative. Everybody knows what they are good at, however a mentor might highlight and pinpoint assets and fortes a mentee may not be copiously aware of. Mentor hones and polishes skills and strengths and prepares for the hard-hitting challenges and trials in the future. A mentor develops and improves pre-existing ordinary skills and also determines the areas that could be worked on thereby enhancing the mentees strength.

Discussing Difficult Decisions

Speaking out the heart helps. At times, a mentee needs someone to lend an ear to share all troubles, provide guidance and steer in the right direction and here is where the mentor comes in. A mentor based on his / her experience, provides wisdom and knowledge necessary for the quality opinions and counsels and with the different outlook offer advice without having a stake in the state of affairs and helps mentee discuss the options.

Confidence Boost

In a student’s life, there are countless reasons from rigid curriculum, numerous exams and assignments to plenty of studying to keep a student overwhelmed and anxious. It might be possible that due to overwhelming anxiety and stress a student may end up making wrong decisions and choices and is unable to meet the challenges in the program as effectively as he / she should. At times like these, a mentor’s role as cheerleader can encourage, motivate and boost a student’s / mentee’s confidence a tenfold resulting in the setting of targets higher.

Career Exploration

Mentors also play the role of career counselors and help mentees in exploring custom career counselling opportunities. A mentee discusses the possibilities of the career, while the mentor gives a direction towards the goals, by making the mentee break out of the comfort zone, encouraging to keep moving ahead and pushing mentees into new experiences.

Mentors work to bring out the best in mentees. They help mentees with their passions, dreams, skills and strengths and encourage them to strive and do their utmost to find opportunities and openings to enhance those skills. A mentor clearly works towards making a mentee’s future, making the mentee confident and motivating to work hard. Moreover, a mentor helps lighten career stress. Similar to nurtures, mentors teach, guide and support mentee when they fall down. In a nutshell, having a mentor is essential for a thriving career.


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