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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for a University Scholarship

By Sidra Wasim , June 22nd, 2020

Applying for a University Scholarship? Here’s What You Should Know

Aiming to apply at the university of your dream but worried about covering up your tuition fees? This guide will help you to find and win scholarships, which will help you in covering up college expenses. Also, this article will state the tips on how you can also come up with a secured grant for accommodation, transportation, medical, and related costs.

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When it comes to scholarships, most of the universities offer a variety of them. So, one needs to be fully aware of the types of scholarship one is eligible for. Applying for a scholarship and getting a final approval is quite an effort demanding process.

But before we talk about how to apply for a scholarship, why do we need a scholarship in the first place?

Why Do You Need a Scholarship?student, pakistani students, applying for university scholarship

Universities across the globe offer a generous amount of scholarship to deserving students every year. These scholarships provide a great alternative to a private or federal based student loan. Those loans need to be reimbursed during a given period. However, with scholarship, the burden of returning the money is lifted off. Therefore, a student must apply for endless scholarships to secure one for himself/herself.

When it comes to studying abroad, winning a scholarship becomes even more crucial. Though studying abroad can be a rewarding experience, however, one can never predict the expenses and the situation abroad.

10 Mistakes in a University Scholarship Application and How to Avoid Them?scholarship application, grant application, need based scholarship application

While applying for scholarships, some of the students fail to follow the proper channel and hence, commit common mistakes. To secure a scholarship or grant from university/college, individual sponsor, or any other scholarship-awarding institute, these are the 10 mistakes that one should avoid at any cost:

1. Not Enough Research for University Scholarship

Not all of the university scholarship’s information is explicitly available on the internet. Apart from universities and renowned organizations, there is a list of communities, unions, clubs, and other institutes that fund a student’s college expenses. Apart from merit-based scholarships, some of the universities also offer scholarships based on extra-curricular activities, hobbies, financial standing as well as geographic locations.

2. Not Selecting the Right Degree

One of the common mistake students commit when applying for university scholarship is to select the wrong degree. Choosing a different course or degree is fine unless it is related to a student’s previous education. The best alternative is to apply for some pre-requisite classes or summer programs to get know-how about the courses that will be offered in the upcoming session.

3. Not Maintaining an Appropriate Online Profile

With the advent of social media, maintaining and running a credible social profile has become rather a necessity. When colleges, universities or organizations check the credibility of a student for a given scholarship, they also check his/her social media profile. If a student is found guilty of spreading rumors, using foul language, or supporting racism, receiving a scholarship may become impossible.

4. Not Filling the Form Oneself

When it comes to filling a form, at first it may look like quite a task. However, it is advised for students to fill up the form themselves. Get help from different forums or people, but students must make sure to fill each information. This will not only help them in filling the right information but will also help them in the interview process.

5. Not Submitting it While You Got the Time

Procrastination is a trait not uncommon to students. Do not wait till the last minute to fill out the application form and to submit the required documents. For overseas students, some legal processes may require a credible amount of time. So students must apply away while they can without burdening themselves and the system as well.

6. Not Rechecking the Form Before Submitting

Though now most of the colleges, universities or organizations accept scholarship applications in soft form, once it is submitted, it cannot be reviewed or updated. Even sometimes, students in a hurry or ‘just to get done with it’ sends out the wrong documents. Hence, it becomes inevitable to enter the correct information, attach the right and required documentation, and to cross-check it as well.

7. Not Calculating a Proper Budget

While estimating the budget, one does not need to think only of the tuition fees. Though the college fees may be exempted, there are other associated charges, including transportation, living, and medical-related expenses. In most of the European countries, the living expenses may far surpass the college expense. Hence, keep in mind the location while applying for a college/university scholarship.

8. Not Answering the Essay Part Properly

Though essay can be mandatory as well as an optional part in the scholarship form, one must write it correctly. Missing out on the essay part where there is no compulsion is not the right approach. An essay demonstrates the level of willingness and commitment on behalf of the student to the scholarship committee. Moreover, it also exhibits the background, interests, and hobbies of the applying students. For even better outcomes, write essays for each scholarship application separately.

9. Not Checking the Credibility of Scholarship Form

Scams and frauds have taken up the web world and have not even pardoned the university scholarship applications/forms. Try to avoid those scholarship links that ask for some payment or ask for click-after-click. Try to cross-check the application form with the awarding institute or organization. Download, fill and submit the form only through authorized websites.

10. Not Applying for Further University Scholarships

It is not uncommon to have a scholarship form rejected or not getting granted. There are hundreds other out there who will be there to accept your application. Just keep on applying for scholarships by giving your cent percent. Even though take a break, look out for new skills, save some money, and try again.

Though applying for scholarships may look like a hectic process, it’s worth rewarding. Select the right domain, understand your financial standing, and be prepared for what the future has to offer!


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