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Benefits of Processing Scholarships through Colaraz

By Staff Editor , September 9th, 2020

Colaraz is a unique platform for connecting organizations, students, and universities. Its objective is to provide solutions regarding talent development, recruitment, and engagement. In order to support education, Colaraz leverages technology to optimize the processes through which scholarships are selected, allocated, managed, and, finally, awarded. In other words, Colaraz helps expedite the process of publishing and obtaining scholarships.

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Further, it gives easy accessibility to all the stakeholders involved and includes a review management portal, which provides better administration of the scholarship distribution criteria. It also helps organizations and universities track recommendations of the aspiring applicants and, therefore, provide a holistic view as well as an understanding of the scholarship awarding process.

The data available on Colaraz’s platform can be easily assimilated and organized for the purpose of effective recording and updating. Reports can also be easily created with the help of the data log that is maintained on the platform. And these reports further highlight the impact of awarding scholarships to deserving students within a society.

The Colaraz platform serves as a communication mediator among the applicants, administrators, and organizations and makes the interaction between them easier. Furthermore, it also highlights the success stories in regards to the acceptance of scholarship applications.

Benefits for Organizations Awarding Scholarships

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For organizations that are engaged in awarding scholarships, the benefits of using Colaraz platforms are multiple, as discussed below: 

One Platform for Communication with All the Universities

Colaraz provides a platform for various scholarship awarding organizations, enabling them to reach out to different educational institutions and students by its virtue. Furthermore, the increased visibility, which the organizations engaged in awarding scholarships receive through this platform, goes a long way in building their image and adding to their credibility.

Ease of Publishing the Scholarships

Colaraz serves as an all-encompassing conduit through which scholarship awarding organizations publish their scholarships. It helps these organizations to have a maximum outreach to universities & students and, hence, make their presence felt.

Ease of Getting the Applicants at One Platform

All the applicants aiming to benefit from the Colaraz scholarships can be assimilated at a single platform, hence the process of categorizing and vetting is made easier for the scholarship awarding organizations.

Ease of Processing the Applications

The documentation involved in processing scholarship applications is very time-consuming and, at times, even frustrating, especially if performed manually. Colaraz makes it convenient for organizations to carry out the scholarship awarding process effortlessly by converging the whole process on a single portal. This saves the awarding organizations’ valuable time and effort.

Paperless Operations

Colaraz makes the work of scholarship awarding organizations paperless as all processes are carried out through online means. Moreover, it also helps scholarship awarding organizations manage their scholarship processes in an effective manner.


By streamlining the process of awarding scholarships, the Colaraz platform can help scholarship awarding organizations ensure that their scholarships reach the most deserving students.  In other words, the scholarship awarding process takes place without any sort of biases.

Real-time View on Students/Applicants

The Colaraz platform provides organizations and universities with an outlet through which they can view and effectively analyze the applications submitted by students.

Multi-factors Form to Post Scholarships

Colaraz brings about engagement with the scholarship awarding organizations through customized organizational profiles and tools. The scholarship awarding organizations can post available scholarships and provide the application criteria for each of them through its platform. Further, they can specify whether a particular scholarship is need-based, merit-based or a combination of both.

Benefits for the Students

Students, Scholarships

Colaraz provides innumerable benefits to the students through its platform. Students will find it easy to navigate and even easier to apply for scholarships through its platform, some of which are briefly discussed below:

Ease of Applying

Once they have added the details to their Colaraz profiles, the students can easily search through the scholarships and apply to the ones most relevant to their interests. Additionally, the platform provides students with a chance to benefit from a wider pool of scholarship options and shortens the time required to fill out applications, as a single Colaraz profile can be utilized for multiple scholarships.

Status of Applications

While giving students a chance to build their customized portfolio that is accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device, the Colaraz platform enables them to track the status of their applications.

Benefits for the Universities

Universities, Scholarships

The Colaraz platform allows the universities to benefit profusely by using it as a medium to apply for and win the scholarship of their choice.

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Discover the benefits of the Coloraz platform for the universities as follows:

One Platform for Communication with All the Organizations

Through the Colaraz platform, the universities can not only maintain their relationship with different scholarship awarding organizations but can even strengthen it. Plus, they can benefit by forging a strong relationship with the recipients of the scholarships through this platform. 

Ease of Publishing the Scholarships

Colaraz provides universities with an easy-to-handle platform for publishing their scholarships while helping them reach a wider audience. Colaraz can also integrate the tools on its platform that universities use to manage the processes behind scholarship programs, financial aids, human resources, accounting, and academic advising.

Ease of Processing the Applications

Universities will find it easy to process applications through Colaraz, as its platform provides workflows that fit their scholarship awarding processes. For enhanced functionality, the platform can be integrated with a university’s student information management system and other critical back-end systems. Also, it makes sure that the policies regarding vetting for and awarding scholarships are strictly followed and that no breach of the terms and conditions involved takes place.  

Paperless Operations

The Colaraz platform provides universities with online operation tools to send reminders, manage follow-ups, and carry out other tasks. Using Colaraz will reduce the administrative tasks for the universities involved in the scholarship awarding & management process.


The Colaraz platform makes the processing of awarding scholarships considerably more transparent than it has ever been before. Through this platform, universities not only ensure that a fair review of the scholarship applications takes place, but also that the process has been simplified.

Why Choose Colaraz?

Colaraz, Scholarship, Awarding Process, Universities, Students, Organizations

Colaraz makes processing applications error as well as hassle-free and saves a lot of time on the part of all the stakeholders involved, including the sponsoring organizations, universities, and students. It helps students with financial problems to land the scholarship they need to secure their future. And lastly, it helps the universities and scholarship awarding organizations to make better and more impactful decisions with regards to awarding funds and maximizing distribution.


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