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Leadership Development

Reading – An Indispensable Practice of Great Leaders

By Arman Anwar , May 8th, 2018

It is widely (and rightly) acknowledged that readers are leaders. One cannot become competent enough to lead others if one is not equipped with the wisdom spread out in the pages of books. In fact, every great leader is a voracious reader who is eager to attain the insight and acumen offered by the books. Without reading, intelligent and perceptive leading is not possible at all.


  • Reading is a Reminder: Rereading particular books allows leaders to remain remindful of the valuable teachings contained in them. To reread the same content does not let one forget the priceless concepts by keeping them on top of one’s brain.


  • Reading is a Challenger: Reading content that challenges one’s thoughts and opinions is a valuable experience as the disagreeable perspectives greatly impact one’s logical and creative thinking abilities.


  • Reading is an Effective Communication Tool: By strengthening one’s communication abilities, reading allows leaders to develop effective interacting skills. In order to become a successful and cherished leader, one needs to possess the ability of connecting with people. It must be understood that having great talking skills does not make one a great leader. In true essence, a great leader is not only able to voice his opinions perfectly but also possesses great listening skills. Reading allows leaders improve their communication skills as talkers and listeners.


It is essential for leaders to make endeavors for the development of valuable knowledge for self-improvement. By acquiring the inimitable habit of reading, one can surely bring improvements in one’s followers and business.


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