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Communicate your skills, experience and accomplishments to an exclusive group of employers.

Job Opportunities

Access jobs and internships at some of the best workplaces countrywide.

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Connect with professionals & form relationships with alumni to benefit from career opportunities throughout your career journey.

Continued Career Success

Explore new long-term career opportunities with the help of alumni & experienced industry professionals.

Receive Scholarships

Access thousands of Need and Merit-based scholarships established by alumni and employers.


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  • Universal Profiles
    Universal Profiles

    Universal Profiles

    Boost professional visibility for users by enabling them to create personal profiles that reflect career accomplishments, education, skills, and workforce experience. The universal social media profile feature contains security filters that enable users to limit accessible personal and to set specific parameters.

  • Endorsements & Recommendations
    Endorsements & Recommendations

    Endorsements & Recommendations

    Enable contacts to provide endorsements and recommendations to help enrich profiles. Recommendations designated as private and secure requests to relevant contacts.

  • Conversations & Activity Streams
    Conversations & Activity Streams

    Conversations & Activity Streams

    Ecosystem facilitates real time conversation, either private or public, with users and their network of contacts. Group activity streams and subscriptions also serve to keep individuals updated on information relevant to their specific departments and work sites, enabling the rapid dissemination of company news.

  • Discussion Groups
    Discussion Groups

    Discussion Groups

    Enable the users, departments, and organizations to create groups for discussion and collaboration purposes. Groups can be designated as public or private. allowing exchange of secure data through the uploading and transfer of digital media and/or documents.

  • Blogs


    People are always hungry for more information whether they create, read, or communicate it. With our powerful blogging feature, you will be able to write your own blogs, read what others have shared, and initiate professional discussions.

  • Documents & Media Sharing
    Documents & Media Sharing

    Documents & Media Sharing

    Uploading of documents and media files is easily facilitated through Ecosystem (via dedicated collaboration groups or from one user to another). File types include photos and videos. Users can create specific galleries for public or private view. Users seeking specific information can also perform searches for relevant uploaded media.

  • Scholarships & Grants
    Scholarships & Grants

    Scholarships & Grants

    Students are eligible for merit and need based scholarships that may come from Alumni, University and or Companies for a specific university, degree, area of study or across. Donors will be able to pick and choose recipients and be part of an efficient process. Money can be used towards tuition, textbooks, and rooming expenses etc.

  • Donations - Student Campaigns
    Donations Student Campaigns

    Donations - Student Campaigns

    Students can set up a campaign for themselves so that any Colaraz member may donate funds to help the student cover expenses for his/her program endeavors such as completing a program, purchasing required material for a project such as robotics etc.

  • Jobs Visibility
    Jobs Visibility

    Jobs Visibility

    Access platform-wide job listings that will enable students to review requirements and apply for positions they’re interested in.

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