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Talent in Demand

Talent in Demand – We need YOU!!!

By Arman Anwar , June 18th, 2018

There is a constant demand for talent. as workforce is the primary need of every industry, company, and institution. The presence of talented youth is the backbone of every society. It is the prime responsibility of talent managers to acquire the best talent for the maintenance of economic growth. The contemporary clients need talent for the execution of the tasks in the best manner possible. Here, the need arises for a system that provides timely data about students. This system could then be utilized to line up the selected students for the interviews and present them to the Management or Client for selection. Doesn’t this sound great?

However, it is only possible if there is actually such a system in place.

The efficiency of Talent Management System is required to be in an ideal state especially when the hiring requirement comes in bulk. If the data concerning human resources is not available, meeting this goal can become a real challenge. It is actually the lack of planning and non-collaboration between institutions and companies that result in such awkward situations. For this reason, Talent Manager or Recruitment Team can be seen running here and there for the resources’ arrangement. Simply, it is a disaster as it may make any potential client to not build up business relations. A serious question can be raised regarding the performance of Talent Manager and Talent Management System. Eventually, this situation may negatively portray the company’s reputation at several forums.

Colaraz Network understands this need well. Therefore, it is now on field to support everyone who is striving hard to get hold of a dedicated and reliable system. We are not willing to fall for any embarrassing and mistrusting situation in the industry or job market. Colaraz Network has introduced a platform to create an ecosystem for both institutions and companies to develop young talent for long lasting success. Through this ecosystem, the students, institutions and companies will be able to collaborate and coordinate in an active and timely manner. Undoubtedly, success of any economy lies with these three major pillars of the society. Colaraz is currently in touch with country’s top-notch educational institutions and companies to strengthen the ecosystem mutually. Colaraz Network is working according to the global standards since the competition is not confined to geographical boundaries.  Recently, Colaraz Network has laid a firm foundation in Pakistan and successfully gained extensive popularity in country’s best educational institutions and multinationals. Due to its uniqueness and realistic approach, Colaraz has successfully signed MOUs with Top Universities of Pakistan. Now, we are regarded as the biggest talent’s network that has ever come into view locally.


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