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Talent Management: Skills of Effective Team Leaders

By Arman Anwar , May 12th, 2018

Team leaders are distinctive individuals at workplaces giving out instructions as well as directing and supervising the employees’ performance to achieve the targeted goals. However, it is extremely important for team leaders to make sure they have certain skills and abilities to carry out their responsibilities in a competent manner. The following checklist may help team leaders to assess their performance and improve accordingly:

  • Supports colleagues
  • Shows competence as a leader
  • Motivates, guides and trains the team to achieve targets
  • Makes endeavors to develop mutual understanding with team members
  • Knows the strengths, weaknesses and aspirations of every team member
  • Demonstrates positive attitude, honesty, hard work, and dependability to inspire followers
  • Promotes a healthy and positive environment by encouraging cooperation among the teammates
  • Guarantees the development and accurate implementation of a timeline to attain preferred outcomes
  • Undertakes consigned tasks and manages the work, processes, and associated personnel
  • Makes certain that every team member is assigned appropriate tasks (taking their abilities and competencies into consideration)

To be concise, team leaders have a great responsibility to keep the workplace environment positive and encouraging for everyone.


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