Talent Network

  • Offering a collaboration platform aimed to bridge worldwide industry and institutions through the creation of a real time ecosystem of talent
  • Enabling industry to employ effective recruiting methods and institutions to expose the best of talent to the relevant industry

Value Proposition

Tell your Story – Communicate your skills, work experience, projects and accomplishments to potential employers and others students through an active e-profile

Find Internships & Jobs – Access paid internships, for-credit internships, summer internships, and jobs at some of the best workplaces countrywide

Build Mentoring Relationships – Connect with alumni and professionals in your area of interest to acquire insight, guidance, and professional contacts

Network with Alumni – Benefit from exclusive relationships and job postings throughout your career journey

Project Engagement – Access real time projects shared by industry fellows

Build the Company Brand – Present your company as a place where future employees are mentored, and current employees are developed through disciplined talent management practices

Find Right Talent – Instantaneously access thousands of graduating students from across the country that meet the hiring criteria

Target Job Postings – Post jobs targeting schools, majors, and/or year of graduation to find suitable candidates without increasing your workload

Talent Engagement – Launch the potential talent into real time industry projects for the development of practical/theoretical skills

Applicant Tracking – Track assessment of candidates throughout the recruiting process

Establish Industry Network – Connect with a large number of industry partners to offer students a broad set of opportunities in internships and entry-level jobs across the country

Market your Talent Resource – Enable students to visually communicate their skills and accomplishments to potential employers

Build a Successful Alumni Program – Keep the former graduates connected to the institution for their potential powerful connections and generous endowments

Institutional Branding – Brand your institution to potential talent recruiters by showcasing the success of past graduates

Track your Talent – Know where your talent is hired, working or recently moved toNetwork Featureshttps://www.colaraz.com/talent/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/eco1-300×134.png

Secured Networks

Communicate and connect with networks of partners through private social media platforms. Enable a free flow of communication between individuals and groups of individuals without any concern that provided information will be inadvertently shared or made public.

Universal Profile

Boost professional visibility for users by enabling them to create personal profiles that reflect career accomplishments, education, skills, and workforce experience. The universal social media profile feature contains security filters that enable users to limit accessible personal and to set specific parameters.https://www.colaraz.com/talent/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/eco2-300×151.pnghttps://www.colaraz.com/talent/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/eco3-300×146.png

Conversations & Activity Streams

Ecosystem facilitates real time conversation, either private or public, with users and their network of contacts. Group activity streams and subscriptions also serve to keep individuals updated on information relevant to their specific departments and work sites, enabling the rapid dissemination of company news.

Discussion Groups

Enable the users, departments, and organizations to create groups for discussion and collaboration purposes. Groups can be designated as public or private. allowing exchange of secure data through the uploading and transfer of digital media and/or documents.https://www.colaraz.com/talent/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/eco4-300×142.pnghttps://www.colaraz.com/talent/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/eco5-300×157.png

Documents & Media

Uploading of documents and media files is easily facilitated through Ecosystem(via dedicated collaboration groups or from one user to another). File types include photos and videos. Users can create specific galleries for public or private view. Users seeking specific information can also perform searches for relevant uploaded media.