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7 Team Building Activities for a Virtual Team

By Staff Editor , January 4th, 2021

Team building activities for a virtual team are important to bring your team closer and identify the hidden potentials of individuals. Every now and then, we tend to hear the words introvert and extrovert for some people in our surroundings. They have generally categorized keeping in view their daily routine and lifestyles. The ones who generally prefer to socialize and network with others through outdoor activities are generally the extroverts whereas the ones who tend to find their serenity staying indoors are declared the introverts.

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Although the line dividing the two got thinner with the advent of technology, the important point to consider is the dissolution between these two opposite poles under the prevailing circumstances as everyone is being forced to stay indoors, observing strict lockdown, working from home and maintaining social distancing protocols imposed by their administrations. Therefore, an individual’s persona is facing an unprecedented situation which needs some smart solutions.

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7 Interesting Team Building Activities for a Virtual Team

team building, remote team, online job, remote team management, team building activities

In this article, we are going to talk about 7 interesting activities and games which will engage you alongside your group members to transform into a virtual team. This coordination would be as effective in the online environment as it was in the traditional workplace setting.

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Group Call

A group call is able to connect all the members equivalent to a face to face interaction be it in an office, class room or a restaurant. The individuals are able to see one another in real time and can take help from the facial expressions to read each other’s expectation from the meeting. A group call gives the opportunity to each member for reflecting one’s perspective regarding the assigned topic of discussion. You are able to argue and counter argue with your fellows in order to find the solution of a problem.

Virtual Presentations

If you have a set of topics to cover within your meetings, you can randomly assign these topics among the team members and listen to their online presentations. This technique would pave the way for all members to engage in each other’s content and reflect their point of view in relation to the subject matter. One can make the content of the presentation even more interesting by giving each presenter the opportunity to add one favorite picture of the day in the last slide and the reason why the presenter has picked that picture. This would keep the attendees engaged with the content and they would be able to personalize with it.

Constructing a Storyline

Building a storyline is a very entertaining activity to engage your team as each member is supposed to contribute some event or activity in order to keep the narrative going till we reach the final team member to conclude the story. This game tests your cognitive abilities to be quick as well as creative for filling up the gaps within the narrative. If you have to carry out the marketing of your brand and are planning to create its content in the form of a narrative, then you can engage all your team members despite being at distance with an online storyline building activity and it will do wonders for you.

A Trip of My Home

Nowadays, as most of us have to manage their official matters from home, there is nothing wrong in showing off your new workstation to your team members. It’s one of the most engaging team building activities. Every member of the team would find it quite interesting and would be excited to relate their home with that of their colleagues. Of course, many of us keep their office in bed, whereas the others select a specific spot of their house which can be a couch, a sofa or simply a chair that symbolizes their new workstation. If you are going to give a round of your house and the new station, many commonalities would be revealed between you and your colleagues and resultantly you are strengthening your ties with your virtual team members. Furthermore, have a special session engaged for all members to introduce their family with the other team members. This is how you all will get to know one another even better and your bonds would be stronger than they were in the traditional environment of an office.

Share a Bucket List for a Perfect Vacation Plan

This is one of the interesting team building activities which gives you the best chance to show your real self instead of just being an employee of an organization. This activity involves planning, preparing and then revealing your bucket list to engage, personalize and comment on each other’s vacation plan. This game takes you a little away from all the formal discussion happening in the virtual meeting. It makes things a little entertaining for all members.

Show and Tell

This game provides a clear picture of your identity and interest. Each team member is supposed to present a tool, an object, or anything before the other team members and then relate it with their personal life. In other words, the team members are supposed to justify the importance of that object that they have presented before the other members and how it is important in their life. For example, you can bring your favorite inspirational book, your favorite game, toy, electrical appliance. So the sky is the limit for you to be as creative as you can. Don’t forget to keep the personal element within this game. Only then, the viewers would be interested to know their colleague from a point of view other than the official routine.

Never have I Ever

The last one is really entertaining as it is supposed to be a true revelation of your identity and your personality. You have to talk about yourself starting from the statement Never Have I Ever and then any of your personal attributes is to be connected with this phrase to complete your declaration. For example, if any of the team members declare that ‘Never Have I Ever tried to impress my boss without doing anything’. This would surely be taken as a statement deserving an appreciation but the viewers would have enjoyed the manner in which you have reflected your ethical traits through a game. Using the same technique for all the colleagues, this game would engage the team members and would make the session interesting.

In conclusion, there are many things that can be tried and tested from this list. The purpose is to revive the personal element within the online meetings to remove boredom and repetition.


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