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Five Tips for Writing a Great Cover Email While Sending Your Resume

By Sidra Wasim , April 15th, 2020

Writing a Killer Cover Email for Your Next Job

Writing a cover email means, in a very realistic sense, you have an extra effort to put in for convincing the concerned person or organization that you’re the best candidate. One could get deviated by the thought, ‘wouldn’t my resume be enough to speak for itself?’. But trust me, the option of writing a cover letter or email is a chance where you can emphasize yourself as an enthusiast for the opportunity you are applying for.  As a matter of fact, cover email is the most significant part of one’s job application. Cover emails or letters are a granted chance to display your strengths and abilities to potential employers.

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Small efforts do make a big difference especially when you’re trying to avail a job opportunity. Therefore, the better your cover email will be, the higher chances will be of impressing the hiring managers.

Tips to Compose Your Next Cover Emailemail writing, email communication, cover email


This article presents some worthy tips, which will be help you to compose your cover email that showcases your outstanding abilities.

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Strike the Precise Purpose of Writing by Keeping it Brief

Format of cover emails vary with different opportunities, so no format can be considered as general purpose. Cover emails can be written as a response to any job advertisement or any referrals. So, cover emails ought to be tailored according to the purpose of where you are applying.

Additionally, the recruiter certainly would not spare much of their time to read lengthy writeups, no matter how apt you have written. Generally, cover emails should be no more than a page. Use bullets where you want to highlight your related abilities and skills. Make sure you write in a fashion where few words are describing yourself perfectly by avoiding excessive information and flowery words. In an attempt to impress, do not get overwhelmed by oversharing.

Be Positive and Assertive

Confidence is indispensable when you are applying for a job opening. Be positive about yourself and exhibit that you would be the best candidate if the company hires you or if you are looking for any referrals. Broadcast your skills and strengths at the forefront and divulge qualities that would ascertain attention. Eliminate the general write ups, such as “I am adaptable” or “I like to grow…”. Explain what will you bring to the job, not what the job resolves for you. Be specific and demonstrate your proficiency in a positive and assertive manner. Explain how you have brought value to your previous workplace if you have any work experience. Simply, your best attributes should bop in the spotlight.

Should be Different Yet Matching With Your Resume

Your cover email must not be just alternative edition of your resume. For your cover email, highlight two to three relevant abilities or skills you want to bring into the limelight. In addition, explain the scenarios or examples where you have exhibited your skills proficiently. These experiences would make your letter different than your resume and would certainly attract the attention of the reader. Companies are more concerned about the practical implication of your skills. Reiterating same information that you have already communicated in your resume is inefficiently worthless and wasteful.

On the other hand, your resume and cover letter should be noticeably different, but they should be sharing the same information like contact details, qualifications and skills.

Be Professional

Cover letters or emails are required to be written in a professional mode of communication. Abstain the urge of writing any bad experiences in your previous job and do not disclose information that could weaken your standing. Unnecessary details would hamper your job prospect. Cover emails should not portray you being demanding or defensive.

While saying every little effort do count, try going a step ahead and know your audience or relevant persons who would likely pursue your email. This act can be done by connecting with them on professional networks like LinkedIn or the organization’s website. This would highlight your enthusiasm and willingness to add value to the company. The format of cover email should also appear professional.

Tailor your Cover Email According to the Job Description

A generic cover letter or email can easily be distinguished and could be an instantaneous cause of rejection. Target your reader by giving them specific details that fit the job description. Carefully read the job description provided, then tailor your email by choosing the appropriate skills and abilities that are in a perfect match with the job description. Also, look out for keywords provided and include them in your cover email. Underscore only those experiences, examples or projects where your relevant skills were used to solve the problem.

Let the employer conclude and evaluate your match for the company but you should be tempting to emphasize your enthusiasm. Last important thing of any write-up is proofreading so make sure you perform the last task responsibly.

It can be ​laborious to pen a custom cover email for each separate job you apply for, nevertheless it is imperative to take the time and worth putting your energy. A custom-made email will assist the reader to evaluate that you are a perfect match for the job.

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Sample Cover Email to Draft Your Next Job Application

email application, cover email, sample email for cover letter

Below are two sample cover emails to draft your next job application and stand out among competitors.

Cover Email for the Position of Marketing Manager

Dear Mr. Jack Smith

Kindly accept this expression of interest from a very motivated, enthusiastic, and skillful professional who desires to apply the ‘Marketing Manager’ position in your company.

I carry real life experience while delivering practical solutions in the form of customer analytics, data insights, designing marketing reports, and overall campaign effectiveness.

Presently, in my role at Adams Bosch as a Marketing Consultant, I have effectively increased sales from $10,000 to $30,000 in ten months. I’m severely spirited in my approach. I can manage complex circumstances from both a tactical and strategic perspective. Before that, as a Digital Marketing Expert, I increased social media engagement by 150% and produced overall sales by $35,000.

Moreover, I am able to recognize, utilize, take advantage of any marketing opportunity that I come across with. In my previous company i.e. The Herald, I continuously accomplished all goals and tasks assigned. I was appreciated for my capability to deal with situations by coming up with fresh and unique ideas. I was in charge for handling sales projects, executing cost-saving strategies, and establishing stable relationships with other organizations.

I have more than 5 years of work experience in this field. I am desirous to join your organization as you offer a range of great career and progress opportunities. I have exceptional management skills counting client relationship, negotiating with clients and critical thinking.

I shall be thankful for the opportunity to display my skills and capabilities further at an individual interview. Thanking in anticipation.


Ms. Hanna Ferguson.

Cover Email for the Position of Data Engineer

Dear Ms. Elizbeth Roe

I feel pleased to be applying for the Data Engineer position at Peak Solutions. As a software engineer having more than 4 years’ work experience under my belt, I have faith in that my vast experience working with data engineering tools- Azure, Teradata in particular – to execute data driven decisions will promote greatly to your organization.

I am known for my enthusiasm for managing and manipulating data that are easily accessible. Furthermore, I have a verified experience of expert communication and worked as a team lead in my previous organization.

What attracts me about your company is that it is related to the healthcare industry. During my time at GrowSecure, I became familiar with the demands of working in a government regulated environment. Also, I make myself aware of recent trends in the data management facilities so I work according to the modern standards, and this also helps me to satisfy my learning process.

Herewith, you will find my resume. I look forward to further to an interview, discussing in detail that how can I contribute to the objectives of organization. Please connect with me at your earliest convenience. Thanks.


Mr. Ross Taylor


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